Profile of facebook users in  Tunisia

What language did you use during civic movement (source: Dubai School of Economics)
On the left chart, you can see that both French and Arabic are dominant on facebook in Tunisia. Compared with Egypt, the penetration of 1st foreign language is higher but still surprising point is shown in the chart below. more tha n 90% of Tunisian people chose French interface when register facebook.
I mentioned that graduates of University is not the majority in Tunisia. It is true to the case of facebook too. It is highly educated minority using faceook and not necessarily represents the will of total population, as we saw in the video about rural villagers in the middle west.

> fscebook users command French very well.
           =They are highly educated people.


dominance of youth

You can see that younger generation is dominant in facebook. 13-24years old proportion is 56%. However, take into consider the demographic structure in Tunisia, it is not so strange.
You can say that social media penetrated to entire population almost regardless of the difference of cohort. 
Thus we have to be careful to distinguish the voice of 'younger people' and 'entire people' in facebook.
We didn't analyse it here because there is not available data but perhaps we also have to scrutinize regional disparity in Tunisia how affects on the usage of facebook. 

We discussed some about unemployment  that unemployment of youth is not necessarily represented by the unemployed graduates. Same thing must be said about facebook and we have to be careful to distinguish the specific interest of facebook users from some kind of 'general will' of people.