I cited many charts and other numerical data from World Bank (http://data.worldbank.org/). To evade the complexity and keep our site simple, I didn't show its source necessarily when I cited from the Bank. Thus there are some data and its source is not shown, it is from the Bank.
And in other case, I did at least one of three.
1. paste caption below the data
2. hyperlink to the source
3. make remark to the source in the text
I tried to be careful about this kind of  accuracy, but if you find any problem, please contact me (please use commentary form. It is on my own individual site).
Other than the World Bank, I heavily depend on these sites (links from texts).

The news media
a. Al Jazeera
b. The Economist

Public source of Tunisia
c. Agence Tunisienne d'Internet
d. National Institute of Statistics, Tunisia

International organization
e. International Monetary Fund
f.  United Nations Development Program

Alternative media
g. Socialbakers


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